Guadalajara, MEXICO. 2010
SIZE: 2.495 M2
COST:  – – 


This is a design proposal born out of a method. We see a hotel as a sum of experiences, of moments. We also found ourselves in a location loaded with history, combined with great beauty and a pleasant climate. A place worth enjoying, yet a very tight program doesn´t allow much freedom at the project level. Out of this precondition grows the need to connect the city with the hotel through the facade.
The rooms fragmentize into different experiences. In each room typology we choose one of the experiences and move it to the front façade, so that they can connect with the city.
This results in terraces with view on the square, bathtubs watching over the terraces underneath, dining tables enjoying the atmosphere of the square, outdoor chill-out furniture contemplating the stars at night and more. A whole of living connected with the lively center.
The facade is generated through an assemblage of elements, like a traditional Mexican tree of life. The modules defined by an exterior activity accumulate to form the façade through adding, connecting, intertwining …
In turn, each module is also the accumulation of one single element in much smaller scale. A wrought iron frame, recalling the tradition of Mexican bars, serves as a base element that will eventually form the facade. The frame can be empty or support vegetation, serving as sun protection or a privacy shielding. It can even be used as a handrail when you fill up the frame with steel bars or glass, but above all this framework will be the design structure of the building so a wooden skin can be attached.

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